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this is event marketing



NASCAR Simulator, Lead Generation, Brand Awareness
NASCAR Simulator, Lead Generation, Trade show, Brand Awareness
NASCAR Simulator, Tradeshow, Brand Awareness, Lead Generation

Mobile Marketing Tours


Experience the power of live interaction with your consumers.  We go exactly where you need to be seen; bringing brand awareness to your product and services.

Brand Ambassadors


People like to buy from people.  Be at ease knowing our professional team will emotionally engage with consumers and attendees.  We drive new customers to you.

NASCAR Simulators


We've never met someone who sat in a race car and was unhappy.  Our branded NASCAR Simulator, feature your company's products and services; attracting consumers and driving foot-traffic for your event.



If You'd Sponsor the Coffee Cart, You'll Want to Sponsor This


Convention Entertainment

Convention Entertainment

a sponsorship that impacts

Who hosted the breakfast at the last convention you attended?  Or sponsored the lanyards?  Or the snacks and refreshments, the coffee cart, the luncheons, etc... Can't remember?  


What about the trade show equipment you saw at all the different booths, do you remember how much exposure they brought into each exibitor's booth?  Which one drove the best traffic and generated the best leads?  


Cordell Racing makes a point for you to remember, a point to expose you and your brand, a point to build REAL relationships with your attendees and consumers, and a point to drive traffic and generate leads.  Our branded NASCAR Simulators, draw in crowds that wait in line to talk to YOU; giving you the opportunity to reach, connect, and emotionally engage with potential clients while they wait.  You see a direct impact from your investment that creates a long lasting memorable memento that will live on as their profile image. and starts the conversation, "did you see the guys that have the NASCAR Simulator?" 

Real Marketing.  Real Experiences.  Real Time.  Real Interaction.  Real Engagement.  Really Worth It.

Mobile Marketing Tours - Cordell Racing

On The Go Custom Designs 

Bring Your Brand to life

When it's time to go further, reach beyond the trade show floor and go MOBILE.  Take your brand, it's message, products, services, and deliver it right into the hands of your consumers.  Right where they are.


We work with certified engineers to fabricate and bring your mobile image to life.  From concept to design, we make sure and oversee that everything is right on track.



Your Brand + Your Investment + Your Exposure = Your ROI

event marketing

make a lasting impression

Experiential Marketing

Drive Results!

"Who are you?  Who needs to know?  How will they find out?  Why should they care?"  We ask the Who's, What's, When's, Where's, and How's, so that your next event is exactly what you were needing in reaching your targeted consumers!




NASCAR Simulator, Tradeshow, Foot Traffic, Brand Awareness, Lead Generation

Data Capture

Customized Forms and Lead Generation

Ask the specifics.  Get exactly what you want to know with our specific built forms.  User friendly and easy to access.  We capture all the data you want to know and more!

NASCAR Simulator, Lead Generation, Tradeshow, Data Capture, Brand Awareness

Trend Alert:

Exposure!  Make Sure You've Got It

We bring a crowd to you.  Your branding.  Everywhere!! With so many branding choices to choose from, you want to make sure you stand out.  See a direct impact on your investment while we drive in the crowds that are waiting to talk to, YOU!!


NASCAR Simulator, Lead Generation, Brand Awareness, Tradeshow

We Make Exposing Your Business, Our Business!

Our Clients

A FEW OF Our Clients


NASCAR Simulator, Clients, Brand Awareness, Companies, Tradeshow



What Our Clients Say About Us



"From the first contact for a quote, Cordell Racing was very professional, helpful, accommodating and committed to helping us attract visitors to our booth.  This had the highest response rate from our direct mail invitations that I have ever seen since joining Trigard.  What a delight to see attendees approach our booth, clutchiing our direct mail; ready to take a few laps in the simulators."


Julia Sullivan, Creative Director, TriGuard


"The team at Cordell Racing did a fantastic job.  We needed to cretae excitement at a recent trade show and their NASCAR Simulator was unique and fun.  They took care of everything we needed under tight deadlines for a great experience.  We were even able to tweet race times and winners to extend the excitement into social media channels, generating even more leads.  If you want to accelerate your success at any event, contact Cordell Racing!"


Adina Crossley, Director of Marketing, Apptus


"Cordell Racing is a fantastic, interactive, all inclusive event for clients!  You not only have the opportunity to race the NASCAR Simulator and compete against colleagues on famous courses but you can also win tickets to an actual NASCAR event!  The Cordell team takes care of EVERYTHING from creating tickets, positioning the personalized/sponsored cars in the function space, wearing corporate/sponsor branded NASCAR racing shirts, setting up the computers, placing props in the area and making sure each person has an opportunity to race!


Melissa York, Development Manager, SMC3


"We have hired Cordell Racing several times.  Their position energy and NASCAR Simulators are a BIG hit and are ALWAYS the main topic of conversations at the events we attend.   A great crowd pleaser.  The team at Cordell Racing take the time to learn and understand the business/industry they are representing and do it with complete professionalism.  The results are in the ROI - We wouldn't hesitate to hire Cordell Racing for another future evenet.


Trevor Eade, Senior Marketing Director, Matcor



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