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The 3 C's, Coca Cola & Cordell

For the past two weeks, Cordell Racing has been busy roaring it's way through Kentucy on a mini mobile marketing tour branding and featuring the official soft drink of NASCAR, Coca Cola.

What are mobile tours and why do they work? The benefits of having a mobile marketing campaign is to reach a target audience that expands beyond the trade show/event floor. It's up close and personal interaction that engages consumers. It's taking your product and your brand and presenting it to a wide range of locations and venues. It's hands on, ground coverage of your services and presenting it to consumers that lets them know: a) WHO you are. b) WHY they should know you. c) WHY they should care.

Mobile marketing allows your brand, product, and services to stand out in an array of overwhelming choices that consumers can choose from. It allows time for one on one, up close and personal interaction in allowing consumers to feel, know, learn, create, see, demonstrate, and so much more; the importance of your product and services. Reflecting on the benefits of how mobile marketing can work for you and your company is a branding strategy and campaign that no company should over look. Whether it's a national coast to coast tour or a mini series of specific geographic coverage, mobile marketing tours creates the best way to reach targeted consumers in the specific environment and atmosphere that you were needing and looking for.

"Businesses are now only as strong as their brands, and nothing else offers business leaders so much potential leverage."

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