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Attendee Engagement: It's A MUST!

Being an exhibitor manager, you should already know the importance and value this holds for you and your show. Not only is producing a good and engaging show important to your attendees, but it's just as important and appeasing to your exhibitors. Why? Well let's face it, who wants to exhibit at a boring old fashion non engaging show? Furthermore, who would want to attend?

Exhibit managers rely on good exhibitors to exhibit at their show attracting the likes and wants of attendees. Exhibitors rely on attendees who want to come and attend the show that they spent a good amount of money on. Both exhibitors and attendees rely on a fun and engaging atmosphere that sparks the interest and memorable experience that keeps them exhibiting and attending at your show. Engagement isn't just a thought or an idea, it's a must!

Don't Sell At Them!!

One of the most important tips in producing an engaging show is to make it a little more relaxed and fun and less sales pitchy or marketed. We are ALL just people dealing with PEOPLE! We're not a meat market biding on the best deal so don't treat your attendees as the next hatch you need to cook up the perfect sale!

Instead get to know them and build a relationship. Emotional branding has become a hot topic and a useful tool that we are incorporating more than ever in our marketing strategy. Why? Because instead of just branding our interest and getting our name out there, we're taking the time to emotionally connect and engage with our consumers and attendees. Building a trust worthy relationship with our attendees and consumers goes so much further than just getting them to like you.

"If people like you they will listen to you, but if they trust you, they will do business with you." ~Zig Ziglar

Emotionally connecting with your attendees builds a relationship that let's them know you are trustworthy and have their interest. Taking the time to get to know exactly what their wants and needs are will lead you to doors that you will want open.

We Want Fun And Want It Now

It's no secret that more and more associations are ditching the old fashioned, same routine, too sales pitchy, boring show/conferences and instead changing them out with a more fun, energetic, relaxed and engaging atmosphere. Why? Because this is exactly what your attendees and consumers are searching for and wanting. More and more companies are losing consumers and once highly packed and sought out shows are experiencing a drastic decline becasue the option, "If you got greed then we will leave" attitude is surfacing more than ever by consumers, attendees and exhibitors. Where are they going? To the other guys who have listened to their wants and needs and who are making it happen.

There are thousands of solutions and choices to choose from in making your next event the fun, engaging, interactive show that it needs to be. Taking the time and resources to find out what will work best for your next show is not just fuel for thought, it's a must!

For more tips on how we help keep consumers, attendees and exhibitors engaged; check out our website at or email us at!

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